Friends of the museum

The Taxandria museum is being supported by the “Royal Historical and Archeological Round Taxandria”, founded in 1903 and at the same time establisher of the museum. The name “Taxandria” was originally used by the Roman author Plinius the Elder (1st century after C.) and refers to the Old-Teutonic name for this region.

The aim of the Round is to stimulate and support the knowledge of - and the interest for – the material and conceptual heritage of the Antwerp Campine.

Annually they organize four lectures. At those occasions, a lecturer or specialist gives a speech about a historical or archeological topic, or an item about the history of the region and its inhabitants. These lectures are accessible for free and mostly transpiring in the attic of the Taxandria museum.

Concerning publications : the Round annually publishes a yearbook with articles about the history of the Antwerp Campine.

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