Former exhibitions

Passage - Campine art now

Until August 29 2022

Until August 29th 2022, thirteen contemporary Campine artists exhibit in the Taxandria Museum in Turnhout. They individually respond to the theme of one museum room and give it an original interpretation through their background, working method and choice of materials.

For a long time, the Campine has been characterized as a borderland, with poor agricultural soil and a rigid (farming) population. However, the isolation and pristine nature attracted artists to capture idyllic scenes undisturbed. In its permanent display, the Taxandria Museum offers a broad overview of this 19th- and 20th-century (painting) art.

Now, in 2021, the region has become a lot more contemporary, but fortunately the Campine soil is still a breeding ground for artistic creativity. With the temporary exhibition 'Passage', the museum offers a picture of the contemporary Campine art landscape. Variation was the key word in the selection of the artists: in age, gender, fame and technique. As a result, various art forms are passing in review: from sculpture to painting, from lace to photography, from cartoon drawing to animation.

'Passage' allows thirteen artists individually to break into one room of the museum. The creatives connect with the theme and give it an original, personal interpretation thanks to their background, working method and choice of materials. The result is an interesting dynamic, also between the different artists. The exhibition offers a special route through the entire museum. Let the artists take you into their perception, their world and their stories.

The participating artists are:

• Bob Roes, painter
• Freddy Van Dyck, draftsman, sculptor, painter
• Hanna van Dun, visual artist
• Inge Deleu, contemporary lace maker
• Jaak Hillen, sculptor
• Juan Monte, photographer
• Katrin Dekoninck, visual artist, animation
• Nest Onzea, visual artist
• Peter Snijder, light artist
• Ronny Broeckx, painter
• Stef Janssens, cartoonist
• Tom De Doncker, draftsman, tattoo artist
• Tijs van Nieuwenhuysen, visual artist

Curator: Jenny Van Gimst

The Taxandria Museum portrays the history of the Antwerp Campine and presents historical figures such as a tower keeper, an archaeologist and even… a deer! Listen to their stories and enjoy the rich (art) collection.