Museums Turnhout

Museums Turnhout incorporate the Beguinage Museum, the National Playing Cards Museum and the Taxandria Museum.

This partnership makes up the knowledge base of Turnhout and the Antwerp Campine region. It also investigates and documents the identities of inhabitants and focuses on the Beguine life and printing industry (playing cards). The different locations show how a poor region managed to develop into a modern industrial one. The collection is housed in the original buildings, which are worth a visit themselves.

In 2004, the Flemish government recognized Museums Turnhout as a local art institution, initially under the name TRAM 41.

You can visit the three locations throughout the year for printing demonstrations, special tours, lectures and other activities. Consult the websites for more information:

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museums offer a varied selection throughout the year with temporary exhibitions, fascinating lace and printing demonstrations, special guided tours, lectures, workshops and other activities for young and old. Consult the various websites for all information.


Exhibitions in 2022

With the temporary exhibition 'Passage – Campine art now', the Taxandria Museum offers a picture of the contemporary Campine art landscape. Under the curatorship of Jenny Van Gimst, thirteen artists individually respond to the theme of an assigned museum room. The new dynamic can be seen until August 29, 2022.

In Spring, in the Museum of the Playing Cards, the temporary exhibition 'X – Censorship and Visual Culture' makes way for a photo exhibition in which people with a tattoo about playing cards are put in the spotlight. The images are captured by photographer Ans Brys, and journalist Matthias Declercq unveils the story behind the tattoos.

On the digital tour

Museums are always looking for new working methods and presentations. The collections of the Beguinage Museum, the Museum of the Playing Cards and the Taxandria Museum can be viewed digitally from your seat via the Flemish portal website Erfgoed in Zicht. The user-friendly heritage app (Erfgoedapp) is often used for quests, storylines and tours, and from now on new exhibitions are always presented with a digital 360° presentation.

Practical info

The museums can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn via 'Musea Turnhout'.

Museums Turnhout are a municipal institution supported by the province of Antwerp and the Flemish government. The administrative office is located in the premises of the National Playing Cards Museum, Druivenstraat 18, 2300 Turnhout - +32 14 44 33 98 - archief&